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Thread: My car audio can't 'read' the SD Card in my phone.

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    Default My car audio can't 'read' the SD Card in my phone.

    So, my Ford Fiesta has the SYNC system. If I plug in my iPod via USB, SNYC can read and index all the music I have on it, so I can control it from the SYNC menu/controls. However, my iPod only has 30GB, so I thought I'd extend the memory on my Samsung (Galaxy A3 - 2017) phone instead. A new 128GB Micro SD Card comfortably accommodates my collection...But SYNC can't read it! It will only find and index media on the phone's internal memory.

    Of course, I can select and play direct from the phone through the car audio, but only one album at a time.

    Can anyone help? Is it the phone or Ford's SYNC that's limited? Is there a workaround?


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    Since you can plug your in iPod and play the files via USB I would think a 128GB USB memory stick would work as well. You can find them for $20-30 (American).
    That's actually how I listen to my collection in the car, which is a Chevy Volt.

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