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Thread: Talk Classical: Rife with hyper-hedonics!

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    Default Talk Classical: Rife with hyper-hedonics!

    Read the whole article. It's about people who do not process music. But the interesting thing for me was the discussion on the opposite side of that bell curve, the hyper-hedonics! The folks, like us, who basically live for music.
    "He who makes songs without feeling spoils both his words and his music. " ~ Guillaume de Machaut

    "Music that is born complex is not inherently better or worse than music that is born simple." ~ Aaron Copland.

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    I read that same article when I was going through a long period of overmedication and depression and couldn't feel any music at all. I'm not a musical anhedonic, otherwise I wouldn't be here, but I had definitely experienced a severe decrease in my ability to react to music. For a while I didn't even enjoy food...but music was the last thing to come back, and getting it back was an obsession. And nowadays my connection to it is not always the same as it was.

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    More and more I'm a junkie who needs stronger stuff or none at all.

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