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I thought Terfel was ok. He's not Hans Hotter, but who is?
I watched the LePlage Das Rheingold (and part of the Die Valkyrie last night and I think it is very enjoyable. It emphasizes some things the Schenk production did not (and vice versa).

In terms of our conversation re/ Wagner's exploration of love (in its many different forms) and human development, I found the Leplage production to very charmingly focus more strongly on the Fasolt/Freia relationship.

Nothing wrong with eros in my opinion but there was so much tenderness and so much more predominating than eros there. Selig is a wonderful singer and actor! And although I didn't like Freia's voice as much as the singer in the Schenk, she also conveyed some of her tenderness and charming, just-discovered realization that Fasolt is a warm-hearted, interesting, "complex" being. It was heart-breaking but also worth the watch of that entire production of Das Rheingold!