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Thread: 9th and higher harmonics

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    Default 9th and higher harmonics

    I personally am not a brass player but from what I read about brass instruments the notes they play in a certain fingering are dependent on the harmonic series.
    However out of all the recordings of such harmonic series being played on brass instruments I have yet to hear one play past the 8th harmonic—so thus I have a few questions to ask those of you that do play brass instruments.

    (A) Is it possible for Brass Instruments to play 9th and higher harmonics?
    (B) If so, is it actually useful or does after the 8th harmonic the quality of the tone become worse?
    (C) Does it require special technique to play 9th and higher harmonics?

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    Hi I am a brass player and im quite familiar with this. The 9th harmonic does exist, however after the 8th harmonic things start to get funky. A french horns harm on ics are high than a trumpets so we can easily play the 9th and up however, we can play 5 open notes in a row because the harmonics are so close together (that's why horns have triggers). Also at this point you get weird out of tune harmonics e.i. the 7th, and that only gets worse the higher you go.

    Hopefully that helped!

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