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Thread: A piece I wrote for string orchestra

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    Default A piece I wrote for string orchestra

    Hi everybody! Last month the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra played an encore I wrote for them: a 2+ minute piece for string orchestra called Paragon.

    I would like to know what you think of it, you can watch it here:

    Thanks for watching.

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    Thumbs up Congratulations

    Congratulations, it's a good little movement from what I could hear, although I'd like to hear it again when it's recorded with better microphones, it was tough picking up everything the bass instruments were doing and I was playing it back through a good system.

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    Reiner Torheit


    Good stuff! Nicely-written music, an ideal encore piece which isn't a too-often-played "favourite"

    What else do you write for string orchestra?

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    Wow! Really nice piece.. Thanks for sharing!
    I loved right at the end, the line the violas play.. It was full of little details like that, and that's the kind of music I like hearing.. Congratulations.
    Life is a long lesson in humility.

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