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Thread: Deleteing Unwanted Images In Post

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    Default Deleteing Unwanted Images In Post

    Ok, I'm an idiot I admit it. But could someone please tell me how to delete a picture that I don't want in a post (that I haven't posted yet) in the picture below. I tried deleting it manually. I even tried deleting the post altogether and didn't help. I'm trying to delete on the picture on the very left at the bottom row.


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    No you're not an idiot! (OK, maybe, because you persist in using attachments )

    If you hover your mouse over the picture on the very left at the bottom row at the top right you will see two buttons - a ? and an X. Further hovering will reveal that the X is a delete button. Click on the X and the picture on the very left at the bottom row will disappear. Now click in the squares at the bottom right corner of the images to select them, and click on insert online in the usual way.

    Hopefully, all will be sorted. We keep saying this - don't use attachments. It's far easier to link to images - see Posting pictures for details.

    All the best.
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