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Thread: I hate to admit it but Burzum ''Filosophem'' is a good album regardless of Vikernes ?

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    Default I hate to admit it but Burzum ''Filosophem'' is a good album regardless of Vikernes ?

    So we all know by now ,Varg Vikernes Frasque about murdering vocalist and leader Hyronemous of Mayhem fame, and being a neo-nazi, but beside all this, when it comes to music not proselytic message, in music Filosofen is a pretty darn good album, it's sound like black metal, it is black metal, it shredded, you're not morally obligated to like or take part in Vikernes view and so on, I don't endorse his political view, only like this album, It's kick *** I'm truly sorry to say or acknowledge this I.e Jesus Tod, Erbricklet(sometimes), and the ambient pieces are ok I guess, but I insist this is the only nsbm black metal I have in library, I like it for music not the personal life of composer, you probably know this buy know, there is a groovy E.p of Bunkur(NDL) that erbricklet (Burzum cover) and Moss an Aussie band cover SWANS cop song, so that it..
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