I am a lover of classical music especially instrumental music. I retired 15 years ago and spend many hours every day "watching" the classical music cable channel. While listening on radio to Performance Today, I was introduced to Edward Elgar's Enigma Variations. I did a lot of research into the composer and his enigma resulting in some very rewarding findings including getting my research published in Current Musicology" of Columbia University. I would like to discuss this subject with anyone who is interested in learning the solution to the 120 year old "enigma". The study has been extremely interesting and fulfilling but I am disappointed that Elgar is not given credit for creating such a clever puzzle. Instead he is often accused of withholding the solution out of spite, or not really having a solution. These words from some of his closest friend hurt him because he was a proud man and a man of great integrity. Many people refuse to believe the solution has been found and often state that we cannot know the solution because Elgar is not alive to confirm it. However shortly before he died, Elgar wrote three sentences about his variations and each sentence contains a hint that confirms the solution. So in a way, he cleverly left evidence that would support the correct solution. Anyway, you can see I am passionate about Elgar and his enigma. I hope there are some with an open mind who want to discuss the subject and give me their feedback. Thanks