Hello TC community!

We would like to introduce Pockestra, a handy accompaniment app dedicated to practicing your classical instruments.

Developed by current/former classical musicians, Pockestra enables classical learners to have a whole orchestra & a grand piano as their accompany!

We've also paid much attention to the predicaments our fellow classical musicians had.

-Numerous human-made classical accompaniments
-Request any contents you need
-Customized recommendations
-Automatic scrolling / Visual metronome

We're so excited to finally bring Pockestra to the classical communities. For any inquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via support@pockestra.com.

Try it out now! Pockestra.com
Get it on Google Play
Available on Apple Store
(iOS version yet to be launched but will be done very soon)

[Screen optimization for both tablets and phones]