Dear Friends,

I have a very specific demand to you, and a would like to address your kind generosity and commitment: would you please consider supporting financially the launch of my new professional music ensemble: the AdFontes Consort of Music?

This ensemble will gather and hire about 30 talented and enthusiastic young musicians, instrumentalists as well as singers, to bring them together around a shared ideal: contributing to a revival of tonal harmony, melody and counterpoint – at the service of a real renaissance of sacred polyphony!

We aim to start our inaugural season at the end of November 2019, through various concerts in churches in Brussels center and Uccle, during which new works of my composition for soloists, choir and orchestra will be premiered.

With this vision in mind, I gladly dare to ask for your generous contribution, and invite you to join our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, active until 8 June 2019 at the following web address:

In compensation for your financial backing level, several packages of compensations and attractive perks are pledged to you: free tracks, concert tickets, VIP backstage access, dedicated music, etc…

Let us thus build together a future of music that unites us and abunds in beauty and emotion!

Thanks a lot in advance for your support !

Dimitri Arnauts
Composer & Artistic Director

PS/All backers will be informed in detail and accurately about the precise spending allocation of their funds. If the collected amount is insufficient to realize the project and deliver the perks, every contributor gets funded back.