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Thread: Music Packaging: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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    Just received another superb set of the maestro.
    Beautiful, thick cardboard original LP jackets, nice booklet,
    and the very hard to find columbia recordings.
    This box is just incredible!

    The only drawback is, this set was made 10 years ago and out-of-print for a long time, I wasn't a classical music listener back then. I've seen the reduced 10 CD version on shelves I thought it was meh, I didn't know this 70CD complete set exists until a few weeks ago! It was an impulse buy for me!
    To get this brand new box, I paid more than double the the original retail price
    And I consider myself lucky such new-old stock still exist.

    Although I think I have 1/4 of the content in RCA gold seals and later compilations, apparently this box was produced better with superior masters. Thinking about most of the discs are impossible to find, it still seems a bargain to complete the collection for a fan like me
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