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Thread: Difference between appoggiatura and accented passing note

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    And yours is prolix.
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    Well here is the perspective from me as a pianist. For me, appogiatura has 2 definitions, a music theory definition, and a piano playing definition. Here are the definitions of appogiatura from those perspectives:

    Music Theory definition: a non-chord tone where you leap up to the nonchord tone and then step away from it, usually downward. Here is an example of both an unaccented one and an accented one, I will also show that you can potentially resolve it upwards, though it isn't typical:


    Pianist's Perspective: a grace note that typically takes half the length of the note it leads to, so if it is a quarter note it leads to, then both of the notes will become eighth notes in duration. It can also be more than 1 grace note in a row. In that case, the note it leads to is still half of its original length but the length of the appogiatura is divided by the number of grace notes. Here is an example from Mozart's Piano Sonata in A minor:


    The fact that these appogiaturas are single sixteenth notes suggests that they be played more like acciaturas which are probably what you think of when you hear someone say grace notes. But acciaturas have a slash through the note stem. Appogiaturas don't have a slash at all.

    Accented passing note is pretty easy to understand. It is a non-chord tone where you both arrive and leave by step in the same direction(like any passing note), but the non-chord tone occurs on a strong beat making it accented.
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    thank you..I've already seen helps

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