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Thread: Violin double stop with “normal” note and harmonic

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    Default Violin double stop with “normal” note and harmonic

    I just want to know whether it is possible for the violin (or any of the string instruments, I guess) to play a double stop where one string is a ‘normal’ open string or stopped note, and the other is a harmonic. I’m asking this because I’m not sure whether the bowing technique for harmonics is the same as for open strings and stopped notes. In other words, if a double stop such as the one I’ve described is played, will both strings “speak” clearly?

    I will greatly appreciate the feedback.

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    I would think this technique is possible, though it's beyond my abilities. To play a harmonic I have to move the bow quickly and nearer the bridge. So in order to play a normal note and a harmonic at the same time, the normal note would have to be bowed the same way as the harmonic. I've never tried this double stop.
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    Being a pro violinist, I can help with this, and I second what senza sordino wrote.

    The answer to your questions is YES, it is possible to play a regular note on a string and a harmonic together. It is not an easy thing though, mostly for the bow, but as senza sordino wrote above, playing close to the bridge can help a great deal. Slow tempos helps also, wheras becomes almost impossible in fast passages.
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