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Thread: How does the law ACTA work, here a case of double standard I dont get.

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    Default How does the law ACTA work, here a case of double standard I dont get.

    So I'm in a political subject, I hate it, but I want to know.
    There is this stupid law called ACTA protecting of artist contents, but it's not fair play to all.

    See once I made a video whit some J.s Bach buried in the background, in less than 20 minutes i receive a warning of facebook pull it out or you will be sued by the remaining Bach family members.

    While rap artist in France takes I.e Pachelbel sample all song don't pay currency for using classical in their music, they have the right to appropriated someone else music says it's them, while I can talk more than anything on a J.s Bach organ pieces whiteout treat of beings sued.

    And beside this annoying French rapper don't know whom it is spill is cheesiness over Pachelbel music appropriate Pachelbel music did not pay currency owner right to Pachelbel family, but it's okay its rap.

    Me I only want to make a darn video whit music and acta punish me even if buried in the background, and I'm not rapping and using the classical composer music.

    ACTA laws are Blurry, how many rapper ownership money to a classical composer, they never pay the composer family but it's okay it's rap.

    I call this rapture of classical and owning music that not yours talent that not yours, Pachelbel wrote the famous piece, not I.e Corneille French rapper, but he allows to rape Pachelbel ownership of music not pay a single cents to his family whiteout consent.

    While I only put some J.s Bach way buried in my video me talking louder, facebook stooge warn me I'm infringing ownership right, but all these rappers are not, this is so unfair and so illegal, justice for all if I can make my video on facebook or youtube, but a rapper clearly rape a classical composer work, whit cheese factory ala sauce béchamel, lyric like romantico-lameness, I.e on VA s'aimer jusqu'a l'aube bebe, je t'aime bebe, yadda yadda yadda...

    My question is why can someone explain me why does acta doesn't ask royalty to the rapper for the usage of there work, the remaining family members, but when it's a simple individual doing a video it's an illegal appropriation of music. This is ****ing stupid.

    I want every rapper on the planet that use classical illegally in their music to pay the royalty to the composer family even if it means the rap industry bankrupt.

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