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Thread: Masterpiece that are work of art art rat 1 or 2 but extremely long boring u like

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    Default Masterpiece that are work of art art rat 1 or 2 but extremely long boring u like

    Movie you don't know why you like em like space odyssey I tried numerous time not to falling asleep but it's too long, but it keeps knocking light out cold, yet I like submarine Potenkin great boring movie well done, Sound stupid but I always dreams being a submarine captain out in the abyss for adventure a rare new species fish, etc. Does your guy have the image of extremely deep abyss in Japan see what in the depth of depth Japanese that startled you, folks, like an old buried civilization possible very very old artifact you don't know were it comes from?

    Japanese scientist, please speak I'm curious about this I want image stuff that would blow me away green nature in the abyss very rarely seen fishes species or squids, p.s were can I find in a pet show squids I like to have one in a fish bowls please, I really like these squids , what an awesome animal whit ventouses= what this words in English for favor = please
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