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Thread: RUIN(JPN) quantum physic genius especially there early works until Graviyonaush!

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    Default RUIN(JPN) quantum physic genius especially there early works until Graviyonaush!

    I have the first 5 albums of RUINS, this band, is a very complex recipe of
    Zeuhl\prog\noise-rock that real proggy and shredded you to piece by the execution of brutality and skills?

    What do you guys have to say about RUINS (the odd prog\ psyche\ grinders?

    Love them are hate them or purely indifferent?

    P.s how can one be indifferent early RUINS, legendary band, of Japan scene of the late 80 starting 90''.

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    I'm a big fan!

    I even like Yoshida Tatsuya's other band, Kōenji Hyakkei, better. Too bad the CDs are hard to find, and expensive.

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    They remind me of Sun Ra, Zappa and Funkadelik, jazz/rock/funk bands with doo-wop roots...

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