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Thread: The Village - alternatives for graduation film

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    Default The Village - alternatives for graduation film


    I'm a Belgian filmstudent and currently working on my graduation film.
    During an emotional sequence I placed some beautiful music of the soundtrack of 'the Village' by James Newton Howard.
    Due to copyright issues I can't use this music in my film.
    There is some other classical music in my film. e.g. Mozart: Requiem In D Minor, K 626 - 3. Sequentia: Dies Irae.
    Because all the other music in the film is classical music I'm looking for a good alternative for this song by James Newton Howard: 'Those we don't speak of'.
    (youtube link: !!! I use it from 2:36 untill the end.

    Does anyone know a classical song with the same emotional energy?
    (I especially like the arpeggio's by the violins in the beginning. It gives a certain tension to the scene. Furthermore I like the piano-piece (3:17). It's more calm and emotional here, the perfect ending to the scene in my film.)

    Thank you very much,

    Daan VB

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    I can't think of a good one...there are so many which would be similar to that. Just do some exploring and you'll find something. As the film-maker, you would know more than anyone else what would be appropriate.

    Good luck with the film! (I trust it would be much better than The Village.)
    Op. 109

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