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I don't have any Domingo CDs, so I am free of shame

I do care about these things as I have owned CDs by Pletnev (saw him perform LvB 5th too), Pickett, Levine, Dutoit, and have let them all go with little pain or regret.

The Leipzip Quartet had a creepy member Stefan Arzberger and I won't buy the CDs that he plays on. Which kinda punishes the others, unfortunately.

I still listen to composers like Gombert and Britten and like the art of Wolfli. They are all so unique that nobody can replace them like a performer can be replaced.

As for Nazis, classical music seems so entangled with em that I have a hard time sorting them out. But once again as I age it's my taste that leads me away from 19C German repertory, so it's less of an issue than it could be.
One problem is that if we go through your collection, composers and performers lifestyles would probably not generally be exemplary. We gotta realise that great artists often don't take the moral high road.