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Thread: Bach cantatas sets.....your favorites...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itullian View Post
    I ordered a cd of Rilling's cantatas to compare with the Koopman I have.
    The digital Koopman sound is superior to the flat Analog Rilling.
    I find the modern instruments of the Rilling very nice, but so are the period instruments of the Koopman.
    The performances are livelier than the Rilling.
    The soloist singers of the Rilling are superior to the Koopman, but the Koopman are good too.
    Neither set uses countertenors which I am very happy about.
    I found the voices on the Rilling were a bit too up front for my taste. I liked the balance of the Koopman set much better.
    The chorus on the Rilling is larger than the Koopman. They are both good.

    Overall I prefer the DDD sound and livelier tempi of the Koopman.
    The Rilling is very good performance wise, but when I switched discs to the Koopman, the sound and lively tempi won me over.
    Of course the Rilling is far less expensive.
    Both sets have good notes included.
    I own the complete Rilling set, and you remarks hold true for the most of the set.

    The choir is IMO a tad too large, but compensates for this by very disciplined singing. And the instrumental parts are played most convincingly. I also appreciate the absence of countertenors - a voice quality, which IMO is completely alien to Bach's music. What annoys me the most about this set is that some of the vocal soloists sing with rather much vibrato, making me associate to romantic opera singing.
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