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Thread: Bans info

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    Default Bans info

    I though it would be good idea if administration would announce who and why was recently banned in special thread. Such threads exist in many other boards, so why not here? It would help to keep order and provide users with information where to look for good, entertaining mayhem, sorry, I mean informations about why particular person was banned.

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    Yeah I think that's a good idea, would bring things out in the open, make them more transparent...

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    I think you will find that nearly all bannings are a result of abusive attitudes to members or moderators
    so why add to it??

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    The actual reasons for any ban is a confidential matter between the forum staff and the affected member(s) and will not made public in the form of any post or in a PM or Visitor Message. The issue is not debatable. Besides, it would accomplish absolutely nothing positive for the forum as a whole ... airing our 'dirty laundry' only has the potential to keep people from registering.

    Temporary and Permanent Bans are a very serious matter for the forum staff and are not issued willy-nilly for unfounded reasons. The exception to that is when we deal with SPAM ... those 'members' are permanently banned on the spot and all their postings removed in one fell swoop.

    Speaking of SPAM ... If you see SPAM, please please just report the posting (the red triangle in the upper right corner) and never (repeat, NEVER) reply to any SPAM posting. That's what the spammer wants to see - a reply to their post - then we usually get hit with more SPAM tenfold.

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