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Thread: What would composers of the past think of today's technology?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewWeflen View Post
    I was listening to Trevor Pinnock's superlative Brandenburg Concertos on my Bluetooth noise canceling headphones, and the thought just struck me: What would Bach think of the way we listen to music now?

    By extension, everyone else, too. (We could travel back in time with some bone conduction headphones for Beethoven)

    What would they think of record players? Compact discs? Music players such as mine that can hold a thousand albums on them, conceivably the entire repertoire? Differing interpretations of their work?
    Bone conduction headphones would not help Beethoven as he had a severe hearing loss and it was sensorineural.

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    Suddenly, today, Haydn has clicked for me. I always found his symphonies pleasant but little more. But today, while listening at work, walking to pick up my kids from school, and late at night now, I've felt a sense of pleasure, enrichment, and amusement that had evaded me prior to now.

    If I had to rely solely on live performances, this might never have happened. I probably take in 5-10 live orchestral performances per year, between free concerts in the park, the University of Chicago, and the CSO.

    But having several hundred albums on my music player, and listening on my lovely NC headphones, has allowed this to happen.

    So I've got to think many composers would appreciate their music being heard.

    Another thought occurred to me as I was walking - I wondered if I was the only person listening to this particular piece of music right then on the earth?

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