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Thread: Hello From Not So Sunny Southend-On-Sea

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    Default Hello From Not So Sunny Southend-On-Sea


    I've long had a love for classical music but not much knowledge. Hopefully I'll pick up some here. I listen to a lot of genres but they no longer hold the appeal they used to. I have recently cleared my flat and hard drives of a hell of a lot of music to enable me to concentrate on the one genre that can excite me and also ease my furrowed brow and set my mind at peace in equal measure. And that is why I'm here.

    Within classical I like a wide range. Brahms, Schubert and Sibelius are favourites of mine. As are the likes of Rued Langgaard, Ib Nørholm and Poul Ruders. That should give you some idea of where my likes are at.

    I also have a thing about Australia and am beginning to get to know some composers and their works.

    I like seeking out lesser known works by established composers and and lesser known composers themselves. Anything off the beaten track can pique my interest.

    That's enough for now. I'm off to browse the currently listening to thread for some inspiration.


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    Welcome to our forum, Fergus

    I am right along with you in seeing out lesser known composers especially for the organ which I play.

    We hope that you will enjoy your time here and make lost of new friends.


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    Welcome Fergus. If you think it's not so sunny in Southend you should be up here in Chillyjockoland. We haven't seen the sun since the summer (for Scottish summertime - one day in July). Bloody freezing, dark and cold here since. Enjoy TC.

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