So I will be honest,and also try to be brief: Life has been very tough for me, and I am having serious money problems, so if you like canons please consider taking a look at these 3 prolation canons which I composed(The prolation canon, by the way, is one of the must difficult of all forms of composition). They are based on the concept of graphing shapes of infinite lenght/size(Read "On learned ignorance" by Nicholas of Cusa if you are interested to know about this).The 3 canons last about 2 minutes 18 seconds each, the first one is scored for flute and piccolo, the second for harpsichord and flute, and the third for 2 flutes and piccolo, I will give you a link so you can listen to them for free for some time, until I remove the link from Drive:

The one I will put next is my best work so far, so if you don't have time to listen to all of them, please just listen to this one:

If you liked them,please consider buying the music to listen offline and after I remove the link, it's only 1.29$ if you want a wav (lossless) file, and 0.99$ if you want it in mp3 format:

In my Youtube channel you can find the scores of the first two canons, as well as other music (a Canon, a Fughetta and piano improvisations), which are synchronized with the music, altough here the music is more distorted and has lower sound quality because
of the YouTube encoding:

Thank you for your attention