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Thread: What's your favourite Rachmaninoff piece?

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    Favorite Rach. Piano piece: Prelude #10 in b minor, Op.32/10 - S.Richter
    (It was Rach's favorite prelude)

    Favorite Rach. Concerto - Piano Concerto #2 (Many great recordings. I listen to Richter for some extra-Russian heaviness)

    Favorite Rach Orchestral piece: Symphonic Dances - Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra
    There are some good 2 piano versions of this.

    Favorite "Other" piece: Vespers/All Night Vigil - Robert Shaw Chorale Festival Singers

    Honorable Mention: Suite #1 for Two Pianos - Ogdon/Lucas

    All-Time Favorite Rach. Piece: Symphonic Dances - Eugene Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra

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    My favorite Rachmaninoff is also the second piano concerto.

    Have you ever seen the 1945 movie "Brief Encounter"? The soundtrack is the Concerto -- broken up and played in different sequences depending upon the scene -- but I think the soundtrack is (of close to) 100% Rach 2.

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