I am raising funds to Aid my University studies. I am an Opera student at the South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town. My voice type is tenor. I am very passionate about Opera singing and would like to get assistance for funding. Here is the link to make a donation https://www.backabuddy.co.za/luvo-maranti

I have been singing from the age of 8 years and loved to sing at church. I grew up in a musical family, where my father is a conductor and composer at church and so was my grandfather. My father taught me how to read music and I eventually became the Sunday school conductor and lead singer at the age of 10 years old.

In Primary school I was also part of the choir and we sung in many school choral music competitions. When I went to High school I was then exposed to Opera and I Idolized Luciano Pavarotti. I then performed my first solo on stage, singing Ingoma from Izizilethu by South African composer S.B.P Mnomiya.

When I went to University I then was exposed more to more Opera and sang with the University choir and performed works of Beethoven and Verdi. I won 2nd place at the South African Tertiary Institution Choral Association;https://youtu.be/09Qq_yW5hlY

After completing my Degree I then worked at Abagold Ltd as an HR Intern. The HR Director Mrs Lou-Anne Lubbe gave me motivation to follow my passion and gave me a lot of support. Hence now I am studying Opera and did my first year in 2019 and passed with 3 distinctions with a GPA of 70%.

I have been part of many projects as I am very passionate about Opera. I received a Bursary from the university to help me with funds and have sung for the College of Music an Opera;I Capuleti e i Montecchi by Vincenzo Bellini with partnership with Cape town Opera. I have sung at the Fyn Arts festival and conducted the Abagold choir.

If my campaign is successful I would have the be ability to continue with my studies and will help me with travels to Auditions. I will then be able share what I had learnt and will travel the world to sing and perform Opera.

The costs will then cover for my:

Residence costs - R 47 000
Tuition costs - R 30 000
Meals - R 10 000 pa

Through my association with Abagold, the company and the Abagold Development trustees are allowing me to make use of the Abagold Development Trust (ADT), which is a registered Non-Profit Organisation, that will therefore provide a level of comfort and assurance to potential crowd funders to be able to contribute towards my education through this established and well run trust. The Trust will then pay any funds received directly to the University in my name.