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Thread: Okay, like the mod said, let's continue our discussion about Wagner and nazis...

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    Quote Originally Posted by En Passant View Post
    I believe thos view of things is in it’s self flawed. The German social matrix is/was no less flawed than any other social matrix then or now. It is the faulty belief that somehow what happened was due to something innate within the German psyche. This completely disregards the circumstances the Germans found themselves in after “The Great War”.

    Any country at any time could do what the Germans did and people in the West do not want to believe it. What happened in the USSR was far worse than the entirety of WWII (in terms of deaths and forced labour) yet it is rarely spoken about. There have been several genocide attempts in Asia and Africa since WWII Rwanda & Indonesia spring to mind as well as Iraqi Kurds (twice) and the Yazidis. In fact the othering occurring right now in the United States is very reminiscent of what happened to European Jews under Hitler prior to the War.

    If the Germans were flawed then we all share that potential to be flawed and it’s tiring to have the Yanks and the Brits constantly drag out the Germans as a uniquely evil or flawed people. Every time I see a Wagner NAZIS thread it’s the same old same old why are people so fascinated by it? Repressed desire or something?
    The post of mine which you quote was the second post in this thread, and a direct response to the OP, in which millionrainbows, not I, invented the expression "flawed German cultural matrix." That is not a phrase that would have occurred to me, since German culture is obviously flawed, just as every culture is flawed. The statement is true but trivial, and your argument should be with millionrainbows, not with me. Judging by your post, I think you and I are in agreement. The cultural need to rehash, revive and perpetuate the myth of some peculiarly dark German character flaw is unfortunate.
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