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Thread: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Latest Inductees

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    Quote Originally Posted by pianozach View Post
    Those three tracks are superior to their four "hits" IMO.

    Ballrooms Of Mars came up automatically after Spaceball Ricochet. I enjoyed that one two.

    But "liking" their songs doesn't cross the threshold into "Influential" HoF status for me. These eight songs remind me of David Bowie, sometimes just Bowie Lite, with a bit of ELO, Iggy Pop, Roxie Music, and even a little solo John Lennon thrown in. All of those names (with the exception of Lennon) were quite influential on pop music. With the exception of Lennon's first album and his early solo hits, he really never blazed any new territory after that.

    Just because you don't know anything about T Rex, should give you pause to not become Rock historian all of a sudden. Bolan was an amazing artist and many other artists mentioned him in their songs. He was a friend of Ringo Starr, which should tell you something. Listen to the Album Unicorn. He was influencing people like King Crimson going back to around 1968.

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    I'm a big Bolan fan - I'm glad he (and the others, as T. Rex were originally a band) made it. Bill Legend is the only T. Rex member from the glory days still alive.
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