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Thread: Yer fav ISAO TOMITA lp

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    Default Yer fav ISAO TOMITA lp

    As you all know, Isao covered the classics.
    So I'm hoping this thread generates some response.
    (Sorry if this was done elsewhere on this forum.)

    These are the better-known lps:

    the planets (lp was rare for a while as the widow of Holst thought the interpertation frivilous - or something like that. Does anyone know the story as to how the lp came back on the market??)

    live at Linz

    grand canyon


    snowflakes are dancing


    canon of the three stars

    bermuda triangle

    pictures at an exhibition


    Deacon Beaker's favs are Snowflakes and Bermuda.
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    snowflakes are dancing

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