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Thread: Game idea: post a photo from an opera and let others guess what it's from

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Conte View Post
    Shame (I also thought the white thing in the background could be part of a space age style masonic temple).

    I'm leaning towards Don Giovanni in that case (Perhaps Elvira wants to 'kill Don').

    Another thoughtful guess, but nope...

    Mozart wrote a lot of opera's.
    It's not from one of the usual suspects though.

    Instead of making you guess 20 more times => I present to you "La Finta Semplice"

    Hofstetter dvd a a.jpg

    It's part of DG's 2006 M22-series. (all 22Mozart opera's on dvd for Mozart's 250th birthday)

    This production omits all recitatives. These are replaced by spoken narration (by an actress dressed as Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill part 1.) Also featured is a "Reservoir Dogs" stand-off scene and the radiant briefcase from "Pulp Fiction" makes a short appearance.

    Radiant briefcase aria =>

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    It was a Ballo that didn't really know when it took place. Some characters were in suits and wool coats, some in proper Rococo stuff, and the ruffs were Gustavo's idea of "sailor disguise". Also, Amelia was goth but had a hideous iridescent raincoat.

    Quite a decent performance otherwise.

    Here's something traditional:

    heh 1.jpg

    (Bloodborne after you defeat Rom, colourized)

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