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Thread: Your Opinions Please

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    Hello All,
    Firstly, let me say that although I have been registered here for quite some time, work commitments have ensured that my time for contributing more has been very restrictive. Now happily retired, I know things will change!
    Having witnessed the Ragtime revival of the early 70’s and having always been a devotee of the genre, back in October of 1975 I decided I would try and compose a Ragtime piece. Several weeks (!) later the piece was complete to MY satisfaction and was entitled “Ragged”, partly as a pun and partly because that was how I perceived my efforts!
    Back in 2017 I revised the piece to a degree whilst at the same time working on another two Rags. The first, entitled “Looking Back”, (the title being inspired by putting together and expanding variou sketches I had made in the late 70’s), and the second “Just Strolling”, the first section of which was inspired by a doodle and came together very easily, the other sections took a little more work.
    Over the last year I have made a few revisions and done a little polishing to all three, including a few left hand split 10ths to which I am unapologetically addicted.
    I should add that when confronted by a camera I tend to freeze, so I recorded all three direct to my Kawai CA97 and filmed playback.
    I look forward to any feedback.

    Here are the You Tube Links

    If anyone should want the music, just PM me with an e mail address.


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    I'm not sure you really played these, or programmed them. The tempo never varies.

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