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Thread: Weekly quartet. Just a music lover perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malx View Post
    Now I have listened again, listened, I didn't watch the video I let it play away to some extent in the background - and I found it much more approachable. I don't understand the structure, if it has one, but the sounds made a bit more sense.
    Has Kagel done himself a disservice by adding all the visual distractions - or am I, as I often do, missing the point.

    I have no real conclusion, I can't imagine this being on a playlist of mine in the future but its not the worst thing I've ever heard.
    Glad to have heard it, thats what this threads all about.
    Same here. I find the extra-music stuff distracting. I enjoy following the music.

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    BTW, here's my blog post on Haydn's op.20/3 that was covered early in this thread. Some familiar names from my other Haydn op. 20/5 blog but with a few surprises.

    Now back to Kagel.

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    If they really wanted to impress me with an avant-garde stunt, they would have each got into a separate helicopter and continued playing. Of course, Kagel would have been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit from the estate of a German composer.
    "It should have worked." - Arthur Carlson

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