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Thread: Good Mozart biographies?

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    Default Good Mozart biographies?

    There are quite a few out there aren't there, and looking for a good one is a minefield.
    Which one do people recommend as the definitive Mozart? I know there's a John Suchet one, but well, its published through Classic FM so is probably light and fluffy (he's also just released a Beethoven one. Also Strauss and Tchaikovsky. I don't think he 'writes' the books per se, I suspect he simply gathers existing information, and a lot of that is potentially iffy)
    I'd like biographies on a lot of different composers, so there's a long list of biographers to look for (I had a rather in depth bio of Tchaikovsky by David Brown)
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    Last year, I communicated with Jan Swafford, who has authored very highly praised works on Brahms and Beethoven. I asked him if he had any plans to produce a work on Haydn. Though he replied in the negative, he did indicate he was working on what he anticipated would be his last biography of a composer---Mozart. He gave no approximation regarding completion. Keep your eyes open, as will I. Based on my having greatly enjoyed his Brahms bio, I'm expecting good things from his Mozart publication.
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    Have you seen this thread?

    Music Books - A Quick Reference
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