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Yes, I dislocated my left shoulder playing on the Cincinnati Conservatory softball team when I hit an unexpected rise in the ground chasing a fly ball and careened into the turf. It pulled out of the socket. I stood up and moved my upper body and it snapped back in. Had I stopped at this point and gone home and rested, all might have been well. But being confused about what had happened and wanting to test my arm, I windmilled it around in a big circle. It popped out and stayed out and I felt like tendons and ligaments had gotten tangled up somehow(?) Off to the emergency room. The moment a nurse saw me walking in she put me to the head of the line because she thought I was going into shock(?) They X-rayed me, drugged me, and reduced it.

The next morning I got a call from an ER doc saying they wanted me to come back. They had found a tennis ball sized growth in my left lung, the lower lobe of which was soon excised.
Geez, what a story! Ordinarily, one isn’t thankful that they dislocated a shoulder.