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You're right, age and the size of the theatres will also factor into the challenge Netrebko's set herself. She's going to be singing these roles aged 49 in large theatres including Abigaille at the Met...

As you point out, just because Barstow managed it somewhere/somehow was not to say that the results weren't controversial: I was just trying to think of a precedent which might explain why this repertoire would seem like a good idea.
Yes, there's precedent for Netrebko tackling it. Even Rysanek came to suffer in Abigaille and Rysanek was a much larger instrument than Netrebko and that's why I think that she is playing with fire with Abigaille and venues like the Met. Other than Dimitrova who sang it for many years, most others have been unsatisfying one way or another, or wrecked their voices (starting with Strepponi!).