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Yes, I like Khachaturian very much. His PC demands a great pianist to treat the piece with respect. Wang produces some of the best playing with a fiery and dramatic performance. With superb balance and modern clear recording this takes some beating.

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I'm skeptical of any recordings with Peter Oundjian ever since I saw him live conducting Beethoven's 9th with the TSO. Maybe it was an off-night, or maybe I just didn't like his interpretation of the symphony; but that performance left me with a very poor impression of the conductor. The strangest part of the performance was bringing the soloists onto the stage after the 2nd movement, prompting an applause break in between the 2nd and 3rd movements; therefore interrupting the musical continuity. It was very odd, and totally unnecessary. Is this common in performances of Beethoven's 9th, or was it just a bizarre performance decision by Oundjian?

I generally avoid Asian pianists as a rule of thumb too, but I wouldn't dismiss her without giving her a chance. I *might* pick this up because I love Tchaikovsky's 2nd piano concerto; much more so than the 1st. I'm curious to see if Oundjian's conducting works better with this repertoire than it did with the Beethoven.

How would you rate this performance of the Tchaikovsky PC#2 compared to Stephen Hough's beloved live recording with Osmo Vänskä and the Minnesota Orchestra on Hyperion?