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Thread: Top 10 Ballet Music

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    Quote Originally Posted by jegreenwood View Post
    Interesting to consider that 1957 produced both Stravinsky's twelve tone "Agon" and Bernstein's "Cool" dance music, which is a twelve tone, jazz-influenced fugue.

    By the way, I am not completely enamored of WSS. The music and choreography remain unsurpassed for Broadway, but Laurents' book and even some of Sondheim's lyrics are weak. Thus (IMO) it is the balletic aspects of WSS that make it a masterpiece.

    And I hear they stole the plot.
    Sit down with the score on your lap some time. Just F-in' brilliant.

    Sondheim's lyrics . . . even he didn't like the lyrics to I FEEL PRETTY.

    As for stealing the plot . . . almost every ballet composed has "stolen" their plot.

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    Not Agon. . . . . .

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