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Thread: The TC Early Music Listening Group - Selection Thread

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    I'll nominate:

    Palestrina: Missa Papae Marcelli
    Isaac: Missa Virgo prudentissima

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    Exciting thread. I'm looking forward to this, as I"m sure I'll learn a lot. I'll nominate Palestrina: Missa Aeterna Christi Munera and Byrd: Infelix ego.

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    I would like to nominate Richard Hygons' sublime antiphon Salve Regina and the anonymous organum Dum esset Salvator in monte from the twelfth century Codex Calixtinus manuscript.

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    Alright, ladies and gents, nominations are closed. The following is the order of the TC Early Music Listening Group:

    05/31-06/07: Dunstable, John (1390-1450) - Selected mass movements and motets [Allegro Con Brio]
    06/07-06/14: Tallis, Thomas (1505-1585) - Spem in alium [caracalla]
    06/14-06/21: Anonymous (12th century) - Le Chant des Templiers (Chant of the Templars) [Mandryka]
    06/21-06/28: Gombert, Nicholas (1495-1560) - 8 Magnificats* [isorhythm]
    06/28-07/05: Gautier de Coincy (1177-1236) - Les Miracles de Nostre-Dame [Portamento]
    07/05-07/12: Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi (1525-1594): Missa Papae Marcelli [mmsbls] and Missa Aeterna Christi Munera [sbmonty]
    07/12-07/19: Lassus, Orlande (1532-1594) - Lagrime di San Pietro [Kjetil Heggelund]
    07/19-07/26: Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) - O Euchari; other hymns and sequences [Shosty]

    07/26-08/02: Hasprois, Johannes Symonis (died 1428) - Puisque je suis Fumeux [Highwayman]
    08/02-08/09: Taverner, John (1490-1545) - Western Wynde Mass [Simplicissimus]
    08/09-08/16: Anonymous (15th century) - Codex Faenza (Codex Bonadies) [Jacck)
    08/16-08/23: Ciconia, Johannes (1370-1412) - Una Panthera [premont]
    08/23-08/30: Hygons, Richard (1435-1509) - Salve regina [RICK RIEKERT]
    08/30-09/06: Byrd, William (1540-1623) - Infelix ego [sbmonty] and Mass for Four Voices [Art Rock]
    09/06-09/13: Josquin Des Prez (1455-1521) - Absalom fili mi [EdwardBast] and Missa pange lingua [Knorf]
    09/13-09/20: Machaut, Guillaume (1300-1377) - Messe de Nostre Dame [SanAntone], Puis Qu'en Oubli [ORigel], and Le Remède de Fortune [Room2201974]

    09/20-09/27: Brumel, Antoine (1460-1512) - Missa et ecce terrae motus (Earthquake Mass) [Allegro Con Brio]
    09/27-10/04: Dufay, Guillaume (1397-1474) - Nuper rosarum flores and Missa Ecca ancilla Domini [science]; Resvellies vous [EdwardBast]
    10/04-10/11: Anonymous (13th century Spain) - Codex Las Huelgas [Shosty]
    10/11-10/18: Isaac, Heinrich (1450-1517) - Missa Virgo Prudentissima [mmsbls]
    10/18-10/25: Ockeghem, Johannes (1425-1497) - Missa prolationum [Kjetil Heggelund]
    10/25-11/01: Walther von der Vogelweide (1170-1230) - Under den linden [Portamento]
    11/01-11/08: Victoria, Tomás Luis (1548-1611) - Magnificat primi toni [caracalla] and Officium Defunctorum (Requiem of 1603) [Art Rock]

    11/08-11/15: Fayrfax, Robert (1464-1521) - Missa Tecum Principium [Mandryka]
    11/15-11/22: Anonymous (12th century) - Dum esset Salvator in monde (from Codex Calixtinus) [RICK RIEKERT]
    11/22-11/29: Solage (late 14th century) - Fumeux Fume par Fumée [Highwayman]
    11/29-12/06: Anonymous (approx. 12th century) - Codex Buranus (Carmina Burana) [Jacck]
    12/06-12/13: Cornago, Johannes (c. 1400-after 1475) - Missa de la mapa mundi [Simplicissimus]
    12/13-12/20: Pérotin (12th century) - Sederunt principes [Knorf]
    12/20-12/27: Anonymous (approx. 1400, Spain) - Llibre Vermell de Montserrat [premont]

    To consider:
    Gregorian Chant
    Music of the Trouveres & Troubadours
    Renaissance Instrumental/Consort Music

    *Isorhythm, about how long on average are each of the Gombert Magnificats? If they're too long to comfortably listen to in one week, perhaps you'd like to choose 3-4 highlights among them for the group to focus on when we get there?

    So there you have it! And I never thought of myself as a long-term planner

    The volume of participants we have is truly mind-blowing. I thought we would be fortunate to have 8-10 people, and we have 20! I'm looking forward to spending the next 7 months (at least!) immersing ourselves in these underappreciated regions of music history, and I'm enthralled to know that we have so many others who are as interested in learning about early music as I am.

    If you have ANY questions, concerns, or requests regarding the order above please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer them! If you would prefer your appearance in the order to be altered in any way, that can be done without a problem I realize that we all have actual lives beyond the Internet, so I totally understand if you want accommodations to be made, if you can't commit to participating weekly, etc. etc. The order is just a guideline, not set in stone. In fact, it is very likely that the order will be changing at least once as we work through in case we have any other members who want to join or we want to integrate the three categories under "to consider" that are not currently represented. Otherwise, on to the start of the group! The official thread will be going up tomorrow and we will begin this journey with Dunstable. This thread can continue to be used as a place for any discussion about the group itself that would otherwise clutter up the main group thread.
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