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Thread: Save one life please....

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    Default Save one life please....

    Hello and greetings to all.....

    First I apologize because English is not my native language so I hope all of you will understand me with my ''supreme English writing''

    Second I love all kind of music and even played piano for 8 years like kid, but now I am old grumpy ******* who only enjoy in music when he can....

    Third and main reason why I am registered here is your help, there is a song which a saw once (video) about 10 years ago and since then never was able to find it (trust me tried so much days and in some many ways), I can't anymore without help....

    If I make post in wrong section please correct me because have connection with classic music...
    Thanks and best regards to everyone...

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    Hello Skipi , Lovely to have you here. There is a section for the purpose of identifying a piece of music, you will find it in the Classical Discussion , sub-forum section. Identifying classical music. The problem is there is no help with identifying video you listened to 10 years ago, with no clue to a link or composer.

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    Welcome to the forum, Skipi.

    We are happy that you have joined our site and hope that you will enjoy your time here.

    In regards to the musical piece you are hoping to identify, it would help if you can include a sound clip and/or a YouTube video. Trying to find the name of something you listened to some years back is just impossible.

    it would help if you knew where you heard it (radio, television, live show, etc) and if it was instrumental, choral, or solo performer, and if the latter what kind of solo instrument was being used.

    If you heard it on a radio broadcast try contacting the station to see if they have playlists from that far back.

    Anyway, please enjoy the forum. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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