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Thread: Traffic on Site Ups and Downs?

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    Default Traffic on Site Ups and Downs?

    I noticed some weeks ago that there was a spike of traffic on this site, based on the fact that once one is logged in you can see how many people are currently active on each forum. Not too long ago I would regularly see over 700 active in the classical music general discussion forum, this was way up from the average I used to see which was usually somewhere around 200-300 ish. I thought that was a good sign that the site is gaining in popularity. Now however there has been a downward spike and there is typically under 200 at a time in the same forum. This is a massive decrease from the 700+ and even lower than the average used to be. I'm wondering what the reason is for such dramatic changes in site traffic over a short period of time?

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    It's likely that COVID-19 has much to do with the fluctuations.

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    New registrations were up during the month of May. Here's what the statistics look like from Jan 1st to present:

    January 2020 233
    February 2020 238
    March 2020 207
    April 2020 277
    May 2020 292
    June 2020 184

    For the same time period from 2019:

    January 2019 285
    February 2019 243
    March 2019 268
    April 2019 266
    May 2019 258
    June 2019 172

    Total we are only down about 4% for new registrations this year to date than last year.

    Bear in mind that total users also include search engine bots and lurkers (those viewing the forum without a membership or logged in).

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