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Thread: Thanks admins!

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    Default Thanks admins!

    I just wanted to thank the admins for keeping this site so free of spam.

    I reported several spam postings this morning, and they were eliminated almost immediately! That kind of vigilance and fast action is gratifying--especially when you see the sad fate of some other classical forums, which have been totally overrun by spam and robots.

    So I think we've got an exceptional admin/moderator staff here.

    By the way, just a reminder for the new people: if you ever come across a spam posting here, don't respond to it (like I mistakenly did). Instead, click on the little triangle in the upper right-hand corner, to report it.

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    Thank you, chillowack

    Your words of kindness are certainly appreciated.

    To add to the above, when members use the red triangle and report the offending posting, all of the staff members immediately receive an eMail with a URL to the reported posting.

    Great point about not responding to any spam. What happens when one does respond is that it then generates 10 fold more spam as the spammer(s) then knows that his/her post has been read.

    When we delete the spam, we do not check to see who/what/when has replied to it. The spam is removed through a "back door" process, which means that we don't actually have to "view" the actual post to delete it. If there are multiple spam postings by one or more persons, we can remove all of them in one fell swoop.

    If someone has replied to the spammer(s), the "reply" post is left intact. At that point, the reply post to the spammer then becomes the reply to the last "real" post because the spam post gets completely removed from your views.

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