I carry my instrument daily with this home-made bassoon harness. This harness is also better for my alto saxophone than the neck strap. I even used it shortly for the bass tuba.

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All straps are 30mm wide, wider may improve for heavier instruments. I sewed with fisher's polyamide line, doubtful idea.

Usual harnesses cross two straps in the musician's back, which compresses my neck and armpits. Workarounds improve that. At my harness, the straps keep a comfortable spacing because a third strap, horizontal in the musician's back, joins them.

Something like safety pins could immobilize the horizontal strap, or the straps could be sewn together and have four length adjustments then. Some people may benefit from additional length. Extra hardware can immobilize the floating ends. The horizontal strap could be adjustable.

Marc Schaefer, aka Enthalpy