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Thread: Sub-forum... or Social Group!?

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    Lightbulb Sub-forum... or Social Group!?

    The Staff of Talk Classical has made careful note of recent requests for sub-forums. When deciding whether or not to open a sub-forum, many factors come into play, of which two very significant ones are anticipated demand and possible popularity, and potential for enhancement, or deflection, from the site's upppermost mission as a board dedicated primarily to the discussion of Classical Music.

    Now that we have the capacity for formation of Social Groups, though, board particpants themselves have powers to form groups dedicated to specific topics, and initiate running discussions within those groups. It's a nice 'power-to-the-people' option, and another tool in the tool-kit.

    If you're looking for extended pursuit of a topic that doesn't seem to be easily categorized by one of the headers of the forums or sub-forums, then a Social Group could well be your answer!
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    Personally I believe this site would benefit from a new forum division by era, including at least the five broadest currents of classical music -Medieval, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary-, which is many beginners and scholars landing pool. Cheers.

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