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Thread: Audiophile question, What do you listen to your music on?

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    Every room has a resonant frequency (sometimes more than one). A simple notch filter in the right place will keep the walls from rattling. EQ is your friend.
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    My current stereo system:

    Ayre AX-5 Twenty integrated amplifier
    Ayre CX-7eMP CD player
    Vandersteen Quatro loudspeakers
    Transparent power conditioner
    Transparent interconnect cables and speaker cables
    Harmonic Resolution Systems audio stand

    I only play CDs, but I've been thinking about connecting the system to a computer.


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    Currently using an iMac connected to a hard drive with full library... connected to an inexpensive but outstanding Nobsound NS-02E Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier... connected to a set of pricey, lightweight, Grado GS-1000 headphones capable of great detail and resolution at moderate sound levels, connected to my ears, connected to my head... I'm online quite often and this is an ideal set-up that’s convenient for YT concert videos as well... After years of various receivers and headphone amps, I would never go back to an all-solid-state system ever. Digital files now sound warm and wonderful with less harshness, and the combination of the above represents the best of both worlds without spending a fortune on an overpriced S-S amp that has a smaller soundstage and slightly hardens the overall sound. I have four other affordably priced but excellent hybrid/tube headphone amps that I use for variety and for rolling tubes... Tubes are alive but there's a learning curve to get the most out of them.
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    I only listen on neoliberal speakers

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