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Thread: Desert-Island Symphony Cycle Recordings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knorf View Post
    "Lacking power"?!

    I mean, other Bruckner favorites for me include the likes of Karajan and Klemperer. Skrowaczewski's Bruckner is certainly not "lacking power" compared to them. If you think Stan's Bruckner "lacks power," honestly whose doesn't?
    For me Karajan and Klemperer make much more of the climaxes. They sound overwhelming and mighty within the overall structure. I do like Skrowaczewski’s Bruckner but I find he brings out the more “classical” elements of the music and emphasizes grace and lyricism.
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    I'm counting cycles that have more than one complete recording:

    Alwyn - Hickox (Chandos)
    Arnold - Penny (Naxos)
    Barber - Alsop (Naxos)
    Bax - Thomson (Chandos)
    Beethoven - Karajan (DG) (60's)
    Berlioz - Davis (Philips)
    Brahms - Can't choose
    Bruckner - Jochum (EMI)
    Casella - Noseda (Chandos)
    Dvorak - Kertesz (Decca)
    Elgar - Previn (Philips)
    Enescu - Foster (EMI)
    Glazunov - Svetlanov (Melodiya)
    Glière - Downes (Chandos)
    Haydn - Dorati (Decca)
    Honegger - Baudo (Supraphon)
    Mahler - Can't choose
    Martinu - Thomson (Chandos)
    Mendelssohn - Abbado (DG)
    Nielsen - Schmidt (Regis/Alto) or Thomson (Chandos)
    Prokofiev - Karabits (Onyx)
    Rachmaninov - Ashkenazy (Decca)
    Rimsky-Korsakov - Svetlanov (Melodiya)
    Roussel - Deneve (Naxos)
    Schubert - Karajan (EMI)
    Shostakovich - Haitink (Decca)
    Sibelius - Berglund/Bournemouth (EMI)
    Tchaikovsky - Can't choose
    Tubin - Järvi (BIS)
    Vaughan Williams - Previn (RCA) or Thomson (Chandos)
    Villa-Lobos - St. Clair (CPO)
    Walton - Thomson (Chandos)

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    With the Presto sale on box sets going on, this is a great or terrible time for this thread depending on how one views it. I'll say it's both good and bad but I'm subbed...
    If I had a time machine I'd go back and warn these artists about their album covers

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    Quote Originally Posted by techniquest View Post
    Beethoven - Wyn Morris (well, I like this set)
    You know, I do too. It isn't my favorite but it was my first set so it is special to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olias View Post
    You know, I do too. It isn't my favorite but it was my first set so it is special to me.
    Morris fans unite! Again, not my favourite, but a very fine cycle indeed. Shame he wasted his energy on "the Tenth", though....

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    A Sir Georg Solti fan checking in ;-)

    Beethoven - Solti/CSO 70ies.
    Mahler - Solti/CSO.
    Bruckner - Solti/CSO.
    Brahms - Solti/CSO.
    Mozart - Böhm/BPO.
    Rachmaninov - Maazel/BPO.
    Tchaikovsky - Karajan/BPO (tough one, the 6th specifically I prefer CSO/Solti, but set-wise I go with Karajan).
    Schumann - Karajan/BPO
    Schubert - Muti/VPO
    Prokofiev - Gergiev/LSO
    Shostakovic - Haitink/LPO
    Sibelius - Maazel/VPO
    Elgar - Previn/LSO

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