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Thread: “Crooners” diction questions

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    Default “Crooners” diction questions

    Hi all,

    As I continue to develop my golden age and jazz style, I find it more and more important to me to study the diction in this style of singing- where can I find resources in this?


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    In 1932 Cardinal O'Connell of Boston called crooning, “a degenerate form of singing” and The New York Singing Teachers Association said, "Crooning corrupts the minds and ideals of the younger generation."


    Hmm. Um . . . You learn any style/technique in several ways.

    1. One would be to take lessons from a voice teacher that understands and specializes in the style. That might be a tough search, and contacting random voice teachers will find you lots who claim to be "Experts", but few who are.

    2. Read about it. Understand what influenced the emergence of the style (let's blame that new fangled microphone thingy)

    3. LISTEN. Find the successful crooners, and imitate. Don't limit yourself to the golden age of crooning either - there are plenty of modern day crooners as well. So, there's the grandpa of crooning, Rudy Vallee, and the Father of Crooning, Bing Crosby. Elvis did a fair share of crooning, and Jim Morrison of the Doors did as well.

    There are plenty more, and YouTube is free. Charles Hart. Gene Austin. Dean Martin was a crooner. Nat King Cole. Michael Bublé and Barry Manilow. Harry Connick Jr. Josh Groban is a Pop Classical crooner. Seth MacFarlane. Matt Munro. Perry Como.

    Bobby Darin, Al Martino. Mel Tormé, Nat King Cole. Julio Iglesias. David Bowie.

    4. Imitate. Record yourself and listen to compare what THEY are doing, and what YOU are doing.

    5. Go to concerts, big and small, where there might be a crooner singing. It could even be, say, a Frank Sinatra tribute singer.

    6. Join a FB group for people that love crooners.

    7. Talk to crooners. Ask them how they learned to croon. Ask if they give voice lessons.

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