This is a really good site and I'm wondering whether I might find here someone who has the ability and interest in collaborating on a music project. Not sure if I'm in the right section, but it feels like I might be.

Anyway, essentially I am someone who composes in a lot of different styles, but I have quite a back-up of classically orientated compositions - in the melodic tradition which I am keen should see the light of day. I've always got very good feedback from people who hear the music, but that's as far as it's gone really apart from one or two cases of people covering the music. It's reasonably sophisticated stuff - plenty of modulations and so on, but the emphasis is on really strong melodic lines. I can write music, but I am painfully slow at that, so tend to avoid it.

Ideally the sort of person I'm looking for would (a) have the skills to arrange for orchestra following my suggestions (b) play the music well (c) would have access to something like the Sibelius application (d) be London or UK based (but in this day and age of electronic transfers of music that's not absolutely essential).

It would be a 50-50 collaboration. My aim would be to produce two or three excerpts of the music to a good standard and then seek to interest a company like Classic FM or similar to promote the music.

I have a Yahama keyboard which can do a fairly presentable imitation of orchestral instruments.