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Thread: Interview with Stravinsky (1957)

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    Default Interview with Stravinsky (1957)

    Here is what I thought a really interesting interview with Stravinsky. It revealed to me a bit of how he composes.

    "Forgive me, Majesty. I'm a vulgar man. But I assure you, my music is not.“ Mozart

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    Thanks for sharing this. Very much enjoyed it.

    I've very recently published a demonstration of a concept for orchestration that I've been working on, for which I used a Stravinsky orchestration as an example:

    You can imagine my delight then (considering the content of my demonstration), to hear Stravinsky himself speak these exact words:

    “My music of today is so much based on the new musical technology. We use the technology as a material for our musical art”
    Igor Stravinsky, 1957
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