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Thread: Changing the "Polls" Subforum

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    Default Changing the "Polls" Subforum

    I know I've seen someone suggest this, but I don't remember where or if a thread was ever started.

    What I'm thinking is that the polls subforum isn't really for polls and that maybe there would be some benefit to changing this organization. My reasoning is as follows:

    1. It's not a subforum for polls, it's mostly for games. Several members even refer to it as the "games" section.

    2. Polls are more of a general forum feature anyway, not something restricted to a subforum. There are tons of polls in the main forums, including the classical music discussion forum.

    3. With the TC recommended works list, I personally have found it confusing that there are threads for voting for this in both the main forum and subforum. Perhaps there is a better way to organize them.

    4. Perhaps moving threads into different sections would allow people to more easily find what they want, whether it be games, polls, or TC recommended works voting threads and give all of these more visibility.

    Maybe there could be a games subforum and a TC recommended works subforum with polls going in whatever main forum they apply to, or maybe there is a different way to do this, or maybe people are simply fine with what there is now. What does anyone think of this?

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    I posted about this a while ago too. I think we need a sub forum just for games. It would be nice to have a sub forum just for polls too. We don't have one now, that's for sure. It was over run by the gamesters, and games and polls don't mix well. With the kinds of games being played now I think they just need their own dedicated space because they bury all other topics consistently.

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    Think it would be good to separate the two.
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    I'm also for having the polls and games in separate forums.

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    Given that I'm the only member currently running TC games and have been doing so for at least the past three years, I should add to the comments.

    I just checked and there are now on the first page 14 games, 3 polls, and 11 threads covering the large project run by Science. Not all of these 28 threads are active. For example, 5 of the games are completed.

    Yes, it can look like the games are overwhelming the polls, but there are two mitigating factors. One is that polls are a "one and done" situation while the games call over voting on multiple days. The second factor is that many polls are not in the polls subforum at all but scattered throughout the various subforms; the TC mandate is for all classical music polls to be in the polls subforum.

    As for recommendations, I don't have a problem sharing one subforum with polls and the Science project. Actually, I feel indebted to the mods. for providing a convenient portal for those interested in the games. However, if it's decided to have separate subforms for games and polls, that's also fine. It does make me wonder where the Science project would reside because it's neither poll nor game.
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