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Thread: "Tragic" Baroque Sacred Music Recommendations

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    Default "Tragic" Baroque Sacred Music Recommendations

    I've been listening a lot recently to melancholy/tragic (at least in my own perception) Baroque sacred music. What are some of your favorite tragic Baroque sacred works, especially those similar to the pieces I have listed below?

    The pieces I have been enjoying are:
    - Bach: Nach dir Herr verlanget mich, BWV 150
    - Biber: Requiem
    - Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri, BuxWV 75
    - Pergolesi: Stabat Mater
    - Vivaldi: Stabat Mater
    - Zelenka: Lamentationes Jeremiae prophetae pro hebdomada sancta, ZWV 53 (although not all of it is tragic)
    - Zelenka: Miserere (also not completely tragic)

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    Interesting that you chose BWV 150 as a Bach representative, a very youthful and disjointed work that is by no means bad but it is not even accepted to be by him in some scholarly circles. Besides the passions of course, try BWV 12, 13, 23, 55, 56, 101, 125, 127, 199...for starters.
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