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Thread: Berio's orchestration of Brahms' Clarinet Sonata 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluteman View Post
    Yes, I agree, the original version is better, though the version for full orchestra is the one most often performed. That's why I made the 'can of worms' comment.
    There is a recording released fairly recently, that I like a lot:

    Gershwin By Grofe: Original Orchestrations & Arrangements

    gershwin grofe original rhapsody.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoggyB View Post
    Is there any piece that's been reworked - be it from orchestral to chamber/piano, or vice versa - where the reworked version is generally considered better than the original? Off the top of my head, I can think of none.
    In my view Brahms's Haydn Variations are much better in their orchestral form than on the piano, and it's a little known fact that the piano version was conceived and written first.

    Quote Originally Posted by BoggyB View Post
    Does anyone have an opinion on Liszt's orchestration of Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy?
    Liszt's orchestration of the Wanderer Fantasy is pretty silly but good fun if you enjoy Liszt's piano concerti and want more.

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